I have been resting my knee for the past couple of days. It is feeling better, but I don’t want to push it or hurt it again before my dance recital.

Yesterday, although the knee still hurt, I walked about a million laps around Walmart. Not because I felt like I wanted to walk a lot, but because I shop like a goldfish with dementia. I backtrack so much it is almost humorous. Oh well, it is good to get the walk in.

Today did not warrant much walking. I was super busy all day. At one point I was on my way to dinner with my family, had to park a distance from the building, and went to job across the parking lot. I realized that I am on sabbatical from running for at least a week and felt sad.

I AM A NEW WOMAN! I have never felt sad about not being able to run. Normally I was upset when people would tell me to run.

I am looking forward to next Monday when I can hit the pavement again!



About fatgirlrunning2016

I am 28 years old, 330lbs, an avid dancer and 5k runner in training. I am the producer of a theater company, Recycled Shakespeare Company. I enjoy writing and have found that blogging keeps me motivated while sharing with others my experiences with running. I hope that I encourage someone to go stay physically active.
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