My run started so good. I was so excited to start week 3 which introduces running for 3 minutes. The weather is beautiful, it is very cool out which I prefer.

During my warm up walk I watched the sunset. It started as pink with a little rainbow stretching across the clouds. As the sun dropped, the clouds turned blue. All I could think of was the scene in Sleeping Beauty:

Created by RAYZ

“Make it pink.” “Make it blue!”

I completed my walk and started my run. Less than 30 seconds later I stepped down and felt my knee pop. That was it. I couldn’t put weight on it. I sat in someone’s lawn and called my husband to come and get me. He had to help me to stand and, after limping up the stairs, he helped me to bed where I am now icing and elevating my leg.


I am so upset. I was crying, not so much due to the pain in my swollen and discolored knee, but because I can’t run with a hurt knee. I love running. It challenges me in ways I never thought to be challenged. It is something I am doing purely for myself, a chance to be with just myself. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think I should run anymore between now and my dance recital next week. I can’t afford to get hurt worse before then. I will go for walks, but I don’t think running is in my best interest for the time being.

I’m looking forward to running again and hoping the knee heels quickly.


About fatgirlrunning2016

I am 28 years old, 330lbs, an avid dancer and 5k runner in training. I am the producer of a theater company, Recycled Shakespeare Company. I enjoy writing and have found that blogging keeps me motivated while sharing with others my experiences with running. I hope that I encourage someone to go stay physically active.
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2 Responses to Pop

  1. I find elevating swollen knees helps. What a bummer ;( sorry about your pain. Hope you’ll be OK again soon.


  2. I hope you heal fast! You seem so set to your goals stay positive


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