What makes a run a good run? Last week I claimed I had a bad run. Today’s run was not necessarily better in that it was easier, but I would claim that it was a good run. I started out as the sun was kissing the horizon. My opening walk was beautiful. I said hi as I passed the old dog who I always see sitting on a stoop. He/she is so cute and just like a grandparent, sits and watches as things pass by, making no fuss about anything, just enjoying the time sitting.


My shoes, iPod, and AIDS Walk pin.

What usually takes me 5 minutes to walk took way less time, so I began running in a new spot. It felt strange, but the good kind of strange. It made me happy to think that even my walking is speeding up as a result of my efforts. I could see the walkers that I had passed last week up ahead and wondered if I might catch up with them. I never did, but they were way ahead of me.

I run past a neighbor’s yard that is beautifully landscaped. The flowers and lilac bushes were perfuming the air. This made me happy to have endured the heat from the past couple of days. There was a bullfrog in their pond singing his bullfrog song. I paused my music and slowed down just so I could listen to him.

I did my first two rounds of running without much difficulty. It gets a little harder from there, but I pushed myself. I almost fell twice, my left leg was getting lazy and would occasionally hit the ground too soon. I almost face planted, but managed to catch my balance at the last second. A car was driving by at the same time, I am sure they were wondering what the fat girl on the sidewalk was doing. You’ve heard of the dance move Running Man, well, this is a new one called Falling Girl…

It was a tough run. I didn’t meet my 90 second goal every time, but I pushed myself to try it. I made myself do each run. I feel good about today’s run.

What measures success? Is it meeting and exceeding your goals or is it finding pride in every accomplishment, even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted to do?


This is the picture I wanted to post last week, the post-run picture of success.


About fatgirlrunning2016

I am 28 years old, 330lbs, an avid dancer and 5k runner in training. I am the producer of a theater company, Recycled Shakespeare Company. I enjoy writing and have found that blogging keeps me motivated while sharing with others my experiences with running. I hope that I encourage someone to go stay physically active.
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